Premium design in all 6 fully furnished bedrooms

Living Room on the Penthouse

Living Room on the 3rd Floor (top floor)


Stairs to Paradise

Stairs separately so each room got its private access


What is the building like?

It’s like a house than a commercial building.

You can do a business here, too. It’ s just like you work at home.

Pentouse in the evening

Dining on the 3rd floor

It’s is a 3 storey-building, incredibly spacious inside

It's like a home office. 3 Toyota Vios cars can park at front, but it's more sutialbe for a normal sized one.


2 car parking lot inside the gate. There are 4 more parking lots opposite of the building.

Located in a discrete area, but among everything – school, hospital, shopping mall

Through the glass window

Through the window of the 3rd Fl. the view of the Lanna architectural structure of Dharadhewi Hotel

It takes only 10 minutes by car to go to the Chieang Mai airport using the superhighway.

10 minutes to Central Festival Department Store

5 minutes to the bus terminal

5 minutes to Payap University

15 minutes to Sarasas School

Index Shopping Mall, Promenada Shopping Mall, Big C, Makro etc. Everything is around you.